5 Epic Ideas of matching Silver necklaces with your clothing.

Silver Statement Necklace
  1. I don’t know if you have Indian friends but you mostly might have atleast a couple. If they are going to a nearby event called “Navratri” probably you should definitely check it out once atleast. As for those Indians in America, this first idea is for you girls who are confused about how to match silver necklaces with your Chania Cholis.

If you are wearing a translucent drape / chunni in that case you can wear a beautiful silver choker necklace. The more the silver necklace looks elaborate the better it is. Preferably always buy 925 sterling silver necklaces to make sure your pictures stand out since silver is the most reflective metal on planet earth. The silver chain necklaces that you wear will look absolutely immaculate in pictures.

Silver Statement Necklace
Silver Statement Necklace

If you are wearing a white chania choli you can always pair it with beautiful sterling silver necklaces without any thoughts whatsoever.

  • Weddings

Wait what!? Dont tell me you didn’t that silver necklaces and silver chain necklaces look absolutely speckles in a white wedding. Okay no problem, I ain’t judging! Pairing a 925 sterling silver necklace with something white will look absolutely flawless. The idea is to  wear a long silver necklace, or a silver choker necklace with beautiful pearls or even a simple silver cross necklace would suffice, possibilities are certainly upto where your imagination can go. Pearls! Pearls! Don’t forget!

  • One-Piece

Ooh Lala! One mostly wears a one-piece on dates, parties, maybe fashion events. Silver as I already said is the most reflective metal and looks beautifully glamorous on one-pieces. Just keep one thing in mind that the more subtle and sleek design it is on a one-piece the better it will look. Moreover the more thin design it is the more people try to look at it to understand what it actually looks like. The beauty of silver is such that may be a thick 925 sterling silver necklace or a thin silver chain necklace it is always going to remain very special and irreplaceable.

  • Long gowns

So maybe you’re a person who loves wearing gowns. Not everyone do, and gowns actually don’t suit everyone either but those that pull them off certainly look for the right kind of jewelry to go with it. Pairing pearl sterling silver necklaces and dainty  silver chain necklaces or chokers will make you feel so confident and I can assure you, you’d never have to look for anything else.

  • Heels and Laces

Necklaces with heels is a deadly combo! Never heard them did you? Well I love experimenting and know how awesome that looks especially when I am wearing my jeans and top along with my black heels and a beautiful princess length 925 sterling silver chain necklace.

So ofcourse this article is about Silver necklaces, but why do you think people all of a sudden have come to become interested in Silver these days. Well thats because now thanks to the Science Lords today all jewelry on most web-stores like SilverShine is rhodium plated. The reasons being rhodium is a shiny white metal which not only looks silverish but also enhances the properties of silver in silver necklaces without actually damaging the purity of the silver underneath. This gives shoppers of silver a chance to wear these silver chain necklaces on a daily basis instead of storing them in moisture free boxes and ziplock bags.

SilverShine is a brand that claims that its entire sterling silver necklace collection and other silver jewels are rhodium coated. I have personally never seen any web-store make such bold claims and hence I went ahead and ordered, and the quality was simply flawless. I also got a random silver chain necklace tested and it turned out to be pure 925 sterling silver.

Bonus Epic Idea

Visit the above web-store and check out their beautiful designs since they have a bazaar equivalent worth of collection which is extremely diverse and you’ll find something that will surely suit all your distinct attires in your wordrobe.

Last year I had done my entire silver shopping from this web-store and the amount of discounts that they offer on silver is just out of this world. I don’t know if they still have a flat discounts offer or not but last year they had a pretty massive offer. Check it out if you want to buy multiple pairs at throw away prices. They also have an authenticity certificate posted on their website. They are pretty darn good!

I hope you found this article helpful!

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