Sterling Silver Bracelets – Office Elegance to its Finest!


We all love to wear something or the other on our wrists. Exceptions are there, I know, who just wants their wrists to be completely free. But of course most of us definitely do not appreciate an empty wrist.

Maybe a watch is what most professionals like to wear, or at times it’s just an elegant sterling silver bracelet that all the professionals appreciate. With everyone having a Smartphone today, most just see their time on it unless they either prefer a watch or have a smart watch instead. But that’s the beauty of technology and it has paved the way for sterling silver bracelets to be now worn more since most people do have a look at their phones for time.

Flower Bridal Bracelet
Flower Bridal Bracelet

And this is why I said most people dislike empty wrists since they genuinely feel like something is missing, before they were watches and as and when watches were replaced by smart phones and smart watches it made it evident that most people will end up with empty wrists and hence entered even more bracelets

With bracelets as well most people had the issue of deciding on which one to wear. But lets just talk about office goers today. Do office goers actually wear any bracelet as long as their wrist is empty?

Well, not in the slightest.

See, there are several kinds of working professionals first of all, and most will almost always prefer to have a light weighted bracelet since it won’t bother them amidst their work, because no matter whatever profession we for most cases use our hands to work, and if one has a robust bracelet on the rest it is just going to a painstaking job to handle it while moving your hands around. Let’s just take me for instance. I am sitting in an office and working on this blog since I am a professional blogger and I have worn a very thin sterling silver bracelet for women. It is a silver charm bracelet and hence it has got a couple of small charms that were given to me by my friends and family for various reasons but that’s that. While writing this blog because its a thin and a sleek sterling silver bracelet I am not really bothered by it every time I write blog articles. But if I did have a robust bracelet which was heavy, it’d be nothing but a hindrance since I would detest wearing something that resists my movement at the office.

I hope you are able to connect to what I am trying to say. All office goers will always like to wear light weight bracelet for women since they don’t want their wrists to pain by the end of the day while working and carrying something so heavy on their wrists.

Lets just go a little more deeper into the whole office elegance. So now that we’ve agreed with the fact that us professionals love to beautiful bracelets which are thin, sleek, lightweight lets analyse further as to what kind of material would be the best for a bracelet for an office goers elegance.

Now I wish could I analyse the whole thing right here, but I will certainly analyse in a different article but I can definitely share with you why in my opinion are sterling silver bracelets the best for any office going professional.

First of all, come on, its silver. When it comes to elegance there is nothing that comes as close as silver does. Elegant silver bracelets for women look absolutely impeccable, don’t cost as much as gold does and more over is extremely safe for the skin. I have worn silver bracelets for as long as I know and if at times I am at work and I get a little sweaty on the wrist due to my bracelet I have never felt the slightest of itch due to my sterling silver cuff bracelet nor on my silver bangle bracelet since 925 sterling silver in silver bracelets for girls have anti-bacterial properties and hence it is very rare that one has an allergy from silver.

Several men in my office too wear beautiful men’s silver cuff bracelets since they look absolutely elegant in them, a grace that is simply irreplaceable by any other metal or even a replica of its made from different material plated with silver.